Why Invest in Florida?

Florida has a wide variety of profitable real estate opportunities, is the world’s #1 tourist
destination, and a phenomenal place to live. For those reasons and more, it is also a smart
place to invest. And with property values at their lowest point in decades, there has never
been a better time to do it!

Here are five intelligent reasons for you to invest in Florida real estate:

1. Real estate variety
From modest single family houses to ultra-modern high rises, Florida offers a diverse
array of residential and commercial real estate options. The sheer quantity and
diversity of real estate in the U.S.’s third most populous state means that Chinese
investors are assured of finding property to suit their investing needs.

2. Worldwide access
With nearly a billion visitors a year, Florida has perfected the art of getting to and
from here. The state is home to 18 international airports, has seven deep water
ports; and boasts an extensive road and railway system. All of that connectivity is
invaluable for both citizens and business.

3. Top education and universities
Florida’s strong higher education system provides companies with a steady flow of
trained employees and access to a variety of research and development opportunities.
Companies that need employees with specialized skill-sets can also be confident in
the state’s long history of partnership between academia and business. And for those
who have never been to college—or want to go back and earn a higher degree—
Florida’s many institutions provide you with educational programs in a wide variety
of fields.

4. Low cost of living
The cost of living is much lower in Florida than in other states. In addition, there is a
favorable tax situation in the state of Florida. Corporate taxes for various industries
are much lower when compared to other states such as New York, California, North
Carolina, and Massachusetts. And individual income taxes in Florida? There are

5. A great place to live
Year-round sunshine. Outdoor recreation. Proximity to beaches, lakes, springs, parks,
trails, and fields. World-class entertainment and shopping. Friendly people. Florida is
a young, welcoming state that offers a variety of lifestyle options and neighborhoods
to choose from—whether you want to live in a sophisticated urban high-rise or a
relaxing countryside retreat—or both! Plus, the state’s abundance of amenities (both
natural and man-made) makes Florida a great place to work and live.

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