Tax Lien Certificates

The collection of property taxes is a big priority in every county in the United States. If a county cannot collect property taxes, it will go broke. To make sure this does not happen, the county places a lien on any property owner with delinquent property taxes and sells the tax debt to investors like you. This creates a win-win situation for everyone: the county gets their money, delinquent property tax owners get a little extra time to pay their overdue property taxes, and you (the investor) get a low risk, high return investment! The annual returns you can make buying tax lien certificates (TLCs) are unbelievable.

For instance, you can make:

  • A 36% annual return in Illinois.
  • An 18% annual return in Florida.
  • A 15% annual return in Indiana.
  • A 24% annual return in Iowa.
  • A 16% annual return in Arizona.
  • Other states offer great returns as well!

A Safe, Tangible Investment

Since real estate is a tangible asset, and not as risky as other investment opportunities, wise investors make it the cornerstone for their accumulation of wealth. Cycles of real estate growth are predictable. But that’s the beauty of TLCs. Even the occasional poor real estate investment climate can be profitable for investors in TLCs because of the inherent value of property.

Tax lien certificates are also very safe because:

  1. State governments control the entire tax lien process so it is very fair. The last thing the state or county wants is unsatisfied tax lien investors. Without the investors, counties would not be able to collect the money they need to keep the county government operating.
  2. If delinquent property tax owners fail to pay their back taxes plus interest, they lose their entire property to the investor for the property taxes owed.

If the delinquent property tax owners pay their tax bill, you, the investor, make an
extremely high rate of return on your money. If not, you get to keep the entire property
for only the taxes and penalties owed.

Hitting the Real Estate Jackpot

As we just stated, one of two things will happen with a purchased tax lien: The first is that you will get your investment back along with interest. However, in the second scenario you can receive a property for mere pennies on the dollar!

Here’s what we mean. In most states, if the property owner doesn’t pay the taxes, they forfeit the property to you. According to statistics, this doesn’t happen most of the time. 97% of all tax lien certificates pay off in two years. But the other 3% are your ticket to you can sell it for is pure profit!

Helping Others

Purchasing TLCs can be very rewarding, both financially and on a humanitarian level. As you get involved with this wealth-enhancing investment strategy, you will begin a journey that is both unique and profitable. You can in fact be a great benefit in the process of helping property owners—whether it is to regain their financial footing and eliminate the tax lien on their property or to put an end to their financial nightmare by foreclosing and harvesting your gains.

Foreclosure proceedings and deed transfers are legal ways to remove the burden of a debt from property holders. This burden can become a yoke around their neck, an emotional paralysis just as it has been a financial paralysis. We know from experience that most times when property owners are “freed” from their unpaid debts, they feel relief. They are given a chance to move on, rebuild their lives, and get a fresh start. You will be helping them do this, while making a profitable income stream for yourself!

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